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AAHRPP Supporting Members are a select group of professional, educational, or health-based organizations and businesses that are committed to high quality research. They recognize that AAHRPP makes good organizations even better, and encourage those engaged in human research to seek accreditation to protect participants and advance research.

AAALAC International

Alpha-1 Foundation

American Heart Association

American Society for Investigative Pathology

Become a Supporting Member

What it means to be a Supporting Member of AAHRPP

AAHRPP has invited professional, educational, and health-based organizations and businesses to join with AAHRPP to raise both the level of protection for research participants and the quality of research programs. Groups selected as Supporting Members are committed to promoting accreditation because they understand that it helps organizations effectively implement high ethical standards in conducting research. As groups directly involved in promoting or funding human research, supporting members are an important influence on the research community and will encourage those engaged in human research to seek accreditation. By joining with us these prominent members of the research community send a powerful message to research organizations and the public that accreditation is both the right and smart thing to do.

The benefits of becoming a Supporting Member

Becoming a Supporting Member demonstrates your organization’s commitment to ethically sound research involving humans. It is an opportunity to join with others to communicate a unified position on the protection of human participants.

Membership allows your members' views on human research protection to be heard. It also offers a chance to help shape AAHRPP programs. As a Supporting Member, you are invited to nominate individuals to be site visitors, nominate individuals for the public member positions on the Board of Directors, and provide early input into proposed revisions to standards. From time to time Supporting Members will be asked to participate on advisory committees.

Supporting Members are listed on our Web site and in select print materials. As a Supporting Member you will receive pre-release of press statements and discounts on attendance at workshops and conferences. Upon request, AAHRPP will provide a speaker for one regional or national meeting of your organization.


Supporting Members make a contribution to AAHRPP in the form of annual dues. An organization's dues are based on its budget or membership, and go to support new programs or initiatives of the Board of Directors, and other activities that advance AAHRPP's mission.


Interested businesses and organizations must complete and submit an application form.  Applications are considered and approved by the AAHRPP Board of Directors.  Email the AAHRPP office at to receive an application form.

Annual Dues:

Tax-exempt professional societies:

 Fewer than 1,000 members   $    250 
 1,000 - 10,000 members  $    500
 More than 10,000 members  $ 1,000

Tax-exempt academic associations, foundations, patient groups and health-based organizations, or trade associations:

Annual gross revenue:

 Less than $5 million  $    250
 $5 million - $25 million  $    500
 More than $25 million  $ 1,000

Businesses and Non tax-exempt organizations:

Annual gross revenue:

 Less than $5 million  $    500 
 $5 million - $25 million  $ 1,000
 More than $25 million   $ 1,500

Dues are assessed at the beginning of the calendar year.