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Latest Update: July 9, 2019


An AAHRPP Representative (as defined below) will not participate in the review of an applicant, including, but not limited to, review of an application, site visit, and other matters related to an Organizations accreditation status, in discussions during AAHRPP meetings, or in a vote regarding any of the following Organizations: 

  1. An Organization with which the AAHRPP Representative or an Immediate Family Member is, or within the last two years, has been connected as a student, employee, staff member, or agent. 
  2. An Organization which has or within the past two years has had cooperative or contractual arrangements with the organization of the AAHRPP Representative or an Immediate Family Member. 
  3. An Organization which has engaged the AAHRPP Representative or an Immediate Family Member to act as a consultant on behalf of the Organization within the past two years. d. An Organization in which the AAHRPP Representative or an Immediate Family Member has any financial, political, professional, or other interest that may conflict with the interests of the AAHRPP.
  4. An Immediate Family Member is a spouse or life partner of an AAHRPP Representative or a child, parent, or sibling of an AAHRPP Representative when the AAHRPP Representative has information about the family member's interest. 

An AAHRPP Representative shall not act as an external consultant on human research protection or accreditation matters to an Organization for two years following the involvement of the AAHRPP Representative as a site visitor, as a Council member, or as a participant in discussions during AAHRPP meetings or votes regarding the Organization. A consultation is the provision of advice in any form related to human research protection accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs or AAHRPP. Consultative activities include but are not limited to, lectures and training, program evaluations, and federal inspections. 

When an AAHRPP Representative is uncertain whether an activity might constitute a consultation, the Representative should disclose the activity to the President and CEO. The President and CEO shall determine whether the AAHRPP Representative has a conflict of interest. If a conflict of interest exists, the AAHRPP representative shall not participate in the review of an organization unless the President and CEO waives the prohibition to participate. The President and CEO shall consult with the AAHRPP Executive Committee, when needed.