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Accreditation: Get Accredited - Part 2: Build and Develop an Application

Once you have completed your Self-Assessment, it is time to start putting together a formal Application for Accreditation.

The application submission process for initial and renewing applicants involves two steps:

Step 1. Submit the application form, the program overview (no more than seven pages), copies of your policies and procedures (supporting documents), and an index for these documents.  AAHRPP will review the application materials and request revision or additional documentation, if needed. AAHRPP typically provides feedback on application materials within approximately 60 calendar days.

Step 2. Once the written documents are complete, AAHRPP staff will schedule your site visit. Normally, site visits are scheduled within three months after the Step 2 application for accreditation or reaccreditation is submitted and determined to be complete.

To get started see the Instructions to Apply for Initial Accreditation and Reaccreditation.

Step 1 - Self Assessment

Application Submission Process

STEP 2 Submission ONLY

Tips for Building Your Application:

Steps to Get Accredited

Step 1 - Self Assessment

Part 1 Self-Assessment

Step 3 - Evaluation

Part 2 Build Application

Step 4 - Notification of Accreditation

Part 3 Evaluation of
Written Materials

Step 2 - Build Application

Part 4Evaluation of

Step 5 - Post Council Review

Part 5 Council Review

Step 6 - Maintain Accreditation

Part 6 Response to
Council Review