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Accreditation: Get Accredited - Part 6: Response to Council Review

The Council on Accreditation may determine that reports are required to maintain or achieve accreditation.

Status Reports

The Council on Accreditation may request that the organization provide Status Reports after it has reviewed your application.

The purpose of these reports is to document for the Council on Accreditation activities performed to meet a Standard about which the Council has a specific concern or to report on progress of any areas or activities in transition. Examples include activities such as implementation of policies or forms or completion of an education or training program. For initial accreditations, the Council on Accreditation may request a Status Report from an organization when awarding Full or Qualified Accreditation, and Accreditation-Pending. Status Reports may be requested by the Council on Accreditation when awarding Full Reaccreditation. When the actions described in the Status Report do not satisfy the Council on Accreditation, the Council may take adverse action against the organization (e.g., placing the organization in Accreditation-Pending or Reaccreditation-Pending).

Instructions for Preparing a Response to Requests from the Council on Accreditation: Status Reports

Improvement Plans


If an organization does not meet one or more accreditation standards, the Council on Accreditation will request that the organization provide an Improvement Plan. The purpose of an Improvement Plan is to document for the Council on Accreditation corrective actions an organization has taken or will take to satisfy any unmet accreditation standards.


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