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Latest Update: July 9, 2019

Appeals and Hearings

When the Council on Accreditation makes a decision to Withhold or Revoke Accreditation, AAHRPP notifies the Organization in writing of the decision and the factual findings and reasons supporting the proposed decision. Such notice is sent to the Organization using a delivery mechanism that permits package tracking and confirmation of delivery. Within 30 days after receipt of such notice, the Organization may offer written evidence or argument tending to refute or overcome the factual findings and decision of AAHRPP or may appeal the decision by submitting a written request to President and CEO for an oral hearing before the Council on Accreditation. 

If the Organization requests a hearing within the 30-day period, the Council on Accreditation holds a hearing at its next scheduled meeting after receipt of such request, and the Organization is given an opportunity at the hearing to present evidence or argument tending to refute or overcome the factual findings and decision of the Council. Counsel may represent the Organization at the hearing, which shall be conducted by the Council in its reasonable discretion and shall not be required to follow any rules of evidence or civil procedure. Within 30 days after its meeting, AAHRPP renders its decision after considering the information before it, and sends written notification of its decision to the Organization using a delivery mechanism that permits package tracking and confirmation of delivery. 

If, following the hearing, the decision of the Council on Accreditation is to Withhold or Revoke Accreditation, the Organization may appeal the decision within 30 days after receipt of notice of the decision by submitting a written request to the President and CEO for an oral hearing before the Board of Directors. If the Organization does not request a hearing within the 30-day period, the Council forwards its decision to the Board for approval, and the Board's decision is final. 

If the Organization requests a hearing before the Board within the 30-day period, the hearing, decision, and notice provisions are the same as noted above for an appeal to the Council on Accreditation. On appeal to the Board of Directors, the records are the materials the Council had at the time it made its decision, the Council’s decision, the request of the Organization for an appeal, and the Council’s response (if any). New information, not available to the Council when it made its decision, is ordinarily not considered by the Board, unless there is strong reason to do so and two-thirds of the Board of Directors vote to accept such new information. 

The Board overturns the decision of the Council on Accreditation only if the Organization demonstrates that the findings of the Council were clearly unreasonable in a significant way, that the Council incorrectly applied the Accreditation Standards or Procedures to the material disadvantage of the Organization, or that the additional information referenced in the preceding paragraph is compelling. If the Board overturns the Council’s decision, the matter is ordinarily returned to the Council, unless there are compelling reasons for the Board of Directors to take other action.