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Latest Update: July 9, 2019

Publication of Accreditation Status

Subject to the limits specified below, AAHRPP publishes the name of the Organization and its components, the type of organization, its category of accreditation, and the date it was initially accredited. In addition, AAHRPP encourages the accredited Organization to publicize its AAHRPP accreditation status. When an Organization its components publicize its  accreditation status, it must do so accurately and not in a manner that could be misleading, and it must specify its accreditation category. 

AAHRPP does not publish the name of or release information about an Organization that is in the process of seeking accreditation or that has been placed in the Accreditation-Pending or Accreditation Withheld categories. 

AAHRPP does not release information about an Organization that is in the process of renewing its accreditation or that has been placed in the Reaccreditation-Pending category. An Organization that is placed in the Reaccreditation-Pending category remains on the published list of accredited Organizations. Once the Council makes a final accreditation determination, the Organization remains on the published list if it is re-accredited, or is removed from the list if it is 

placed on Probation or has its Accreditation Revoked. 

When AAHRPP receives an inquiry about an Organization, AAHRPP only releases information that the Organization is not in one of the two categories that hold accreditation status (Full or Qualified Accreditation) and refers inquirers to the Organization in question.