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Latest Update: July 9, 2019

Council on Accreditation

The Council on Accreditation is comprised of individuals elected by the Board of Directors. Council members are experienced AAHRPP site visitors. In selecting Council members, AAHRPP's goal is to seek representation from the human research protection, research, and organizational perspectives. The Council may conduct business and make decisions using panels or subcommittees. The Council may draw upon former Council members to serve on panels or subcommittees. 

Members representing the human research protection perspective are individuals who are or have been responsible for an Organization’s Human Research Protection Program. They are likely to be program managers (IRB administrators) or IRB chairs. 

Members representing the research perspective are individuals who have recognized experience in conducting human research. They hold terminal degrees in their scientific or scholarly disciplines. An effort is made to identify researchers from a diversity of disciplines (e.g., social science, history, public health, medicine, and the biological sciences). They are also familiar with federal regulations pertaining to human research protection. 

Organizational officials are individuals with experience in the administration of their Organizations, such as Vice Presidents for Research, Provosts, Deans, or Directors of Science. They are also familiar with federal regulations pertaining to human research protection.